Nevers confused, failed pastor – PF

NEVERS Mumba is a confused man who does not know which direction to take his political career, and wants to advance by demeaning people in leadership, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has charged.

In an interview with Daily Nation, Ms Phiri said that Dr Mumba was a fake pastor who had abandoned the work of God to join politics.She disclosed that Dr Mumba was a confused man who had continued to demean President Lungu through the media to advance his political career.

Ms Mumbi said that Dr Mumba does not know which direction to take his political career because he accepted to be sent as an envoy to Canada after serving as republican vice president.

“Nevers Mumba is a confused man, he was republican vice president but he accepted to be sent as high commissioner to Canada. He doesn’t know which direction to take his political career; he just wants to advance his career that why he has insisted on saying bad things about the president in through the media” she said.She said that Dr Mumba was the one using the church to catapult his political career and that he should not attribute that to the president as well.

Ms Phiri revealed that Dr Mumba did not listen to the voice of God because those who listened to the almighty always knew their direction.

She advised him to identify his true talent and stay with because politics was no ground for him.

Meanwhile, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba condemned the Post Newspaper for publishing pictures of military personnel holding political materials.

Mr Mumba said that the pictures published by the Post could have been graphically designed to mislead the Zambian people.

He has challenged the Post newspaper to reveal to the nation who those officers were and that the Inspector general of police should arrest and launch investigations in the matter.Mr Mumba advised that the publication by The Post was tantamount to inciting people and military personnel to create a situation that could lead to a coup d’état.

“Showing such pictures to the public insinuated that the State security was not part of Government and that such a situation could trigger civil war in the country” he said.