Ngabwe PF candidate predicts Lungu victory

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) parliamentary candidate for Lufubu constituency in Ngabwe district Gift Chiyalika has commended President Edgar Lungu for working tirelessly to improve the lives of ordinary Zambians.

Mr. Chiyalika noted that President Lungu had been working hard since assuming office in 2015 and deserved a full term to serve the nation better.

He pointed out construction roads, health and education facilities, among others, as some of the development projects initiated by President Lungu.

“The Patriotic Front (PF) government under the leadership of President Lungu must be commended for its efforts in improving the welfare of Zambians especially in rural areas of the country.

“Since President Lungu assumed office last year, the country has seen remarkable improvement in the social services sector as Government has invested heavily which in turn has improved the livelihoods of the people,” Mr. Chiyalika said.

He said the people of Ngabwe district appreciated President Lungu’s administration for embarking on the construction of schools, rural health centres and other supporting infrastructure in the district.

He said the people Ngabwe district would remain indebted to the Patriotic Front (PF) government for declaring the area into a district.

Mr. Chiyalika expressed confidence that the people in the area would give President Lungu and the PF a 100 percent vote in the upcoming elections.

“The people here are able to judge what PF under the leadership of President Lungu has done for them so when that day comes we are assured that they will vote PF. For as long as PF remains in power, I am confident that the district will receive its full share of the national cake.’’