People come first, says Mwanakatwe

LUSAKA Central PF candidate Margaret Mwanakatwe says there is need to improve the living standards of the people of Kangwanda settlement and also improving the education and health sectors in all the wards in the constituency.

Ms Mwanakatwe said that it was important for leaders to ensure that they always prioritized the well-being of people before anything else.

She said most people especially those in the rural parts of the constituency did not have access to clean and safe water which posed a health risk to them.

Ms Mwanakatwe said that shortage of clean and safe drinking water in the area was one major contributor to the outbreak of diseases like cholera.

Speaking when she addressed a rally in Kangwanda area at State Lodge Primary School, Ms Mwanakatwe said the residents  needed to have access to clean and safe water so that they were not vulnerable to waterborne diseases.

‘’There is need to put up water systems in areas like Kangwanda so that people are able to have clean water at their disposal, to help them with their everyday activities. I am also aware of the issue of houses,’’ she said.

She said there was also urgent need to empower young people in the area so that they did not engage themselves in activities like drug or alcohol abuse.

She said that young people should be empowered with training skills and loans to start their own businesses so that they are productive in society.

Ms. Mwanakatwe also added that there is need to uphold the rights of women in rural areas who feel like they cannot aim for higher positions because of where they come from.

‘’If our youth and our women are empowered that is where developing the constituency will start from, because before we develop the area we must ensure that the people are developed,’’ she said.

Ms Mwanakatwe urged the PF members against engaging in violence but remain disciplined prior, during and beyond elections.

And Matero PF candidate Lloyd Kaziya urged the people of Kangwanda to vote for Ms Mwanakatwe because she had good leadership qualities and a heart for the people.

Mr Kaziya said the opposition was not a factor not only in Lusaka Central but the country as whole.Meanwhile, Kabulonga ward councillor candidate Patrick Mwansa urged the people to vote for him so that he could prioritise access to clean water and continue with developments in the ward.