Referendum: Let’s all get involved – aspirant

A Kanyama Ward 10 independent candidate Elias Bwalya has urged Zambians to vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum to enhance the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Bwalya said the referendum was an electoral process meant to benefit the Zambian people and they should take advantage of it to improve their living standards.

He said that the decision make Zambia a better place for all people regardless of their social status in society.

Mr. Bwalya said ‘‘by voting ‘Yes’ to the referendum the people of Zambia will be able to hold the Governmental accountable to everything that is included in the Bill of Rights that has to be enjoyed by all Zambians’’.

He said the referendum is not for a selected group of people but for all citizens regardless of their political, religious or tribal background.

‘’The referendum is for all and it should not be politicized because everyone will benefit once it is voted for by the majority of the Zambian people. It is meant for us as people not the Government because once it is passed we will be able to challenge the Government and hold them accountable so that they are able to fulfill their obligations,’’ he said.

Mr. Bwalya says it is important that people do not politicize the referendum process because it is for their benefit.

He said Zambians should not treat the issue of the referendum like a political matter because it is a matter of national interest.

Mr. Bwalya also charged that it is important that people share knowledge on their understanding of the referendum with other people especially those in rural areas and not leaving the responsibility to the Government and stakeholders.

He said understanding the referendum is not only the responsibility of the Government but also every Zambian.

‘’We are all responsible in ensuring that we spread knowledge on the referendum and not vote for or against it based on the political party that one belongs to,’’ he said.

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