Reject GBM like Olomide, women Urged

WOMEN should use the same vigour they used to demand the cancellation of Koffi Olomide’s performance at the Agriculture and Commercial Show to reject leaders who have no regard for them, the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) has said.

EYA executive director Moses Lungu said his organisation welcomed the bold decision by women in Zambia through the Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) to denounce abuse among women, saying such resentment should be extended to leaders such as United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president for administration, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Rev. Lungu said all women across the country should not vote for the UPND so that its leadership could learn to respect women and regard them as counterparts in nation-building and not second-class citizens who were at the mercy of men and did not deserve any respect.

He claimed voting for people like Mr. Mwamba would be suicidal because they would use their political power to malign women groups that were championing equity between men and women, adding that the fact that Mr. Mwamba had never tendered any apology to women on his alleged numerous Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases showed that he had no regard for women.

He said it was important for the country to show the rest of the world that it never condoned any maltreatment of women in any form but placed high premium on their contribution to national development and would, therefore, not be associated with individuals whose records were contrary to the aspirations of the general public.

“To that effect, we urge them to wake up early on 11th August and flash a red card to the UPND because their running mate has had numerous cases of abuse for women, especially his workers. Records are there to show that Mr. Mwamba is a violent man who has no regard for women and should not, therefore, be given any chance to rule this country because he will abuse his political power,” Rev. Lungu said.