Stop violence or else – Lungu

…as Police High Command is asked to deal firmly with violence or else heads will roll

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned that he is prepared take draconian measures to protect peace if the UNPD is going to attempt to reject the results of the general elections and cause chaos in the country.

He has charged that the peace and unity the country was enjoying were attained at great sacrifice and he was not going to allow political mischief to breed anarchy and make the country ungovernable in the name of democracy.

And President Lungu has warned that heads will roll in the Zambia Police Service if the political violence that has characterised the election campaigns in the last few weeks is not stopped, charging that UPND has launched a violent campaign codenamed “Operation Watermelon” to cause chaos in the country.

The Head of State stated that the UPND should avoid pushing him against the wall because there was a limit to what he would tolerate the provocation from the opposition political party.

The Head of State said in Mufulira yesterday that he had powers to act if the UPND was going to act outside the rule of law after their defeat in the general elections in the next two weeks.

President Lungu said he had a meeting with the Police Command and that he had been promised that all the perpetrators of political violence would soon be arrested.

The Head of State stated that he was not going to allow the UPND to continue brutalizing Patriotic Front (PF) members and directed the police to ensure that the UPND thugs were arrested and prosecuted.

“I will be watching very closely how the police are going to handle this situation. I will not allow a situation where the UPND in Southern Province is beating PF members. I had a long meeting with the Police Command yesterday (Monday) and they have promised to stop the violence…and if there will be no change in the next few days before elections, heads will roll in the Zambia Police,” President Lungu said.

He appealed to the PF members against retaliating when provoked and warned that the police would arrest anyone regardless of whether they wore red or green party regalia for the UPND and PF .

“Blood is now flowing after the UPND refused to sign the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) peace accord. And as I was coming to our venue for the rally, I found them dressed in red and flashing their symbol at me.

‘‘Let me warn that there is a limit to which I tolerate this level of provocation.

The President said the UPND was so desperate for power that they had stopped measuring what they were saying.

President Lungu has also advised the international election observers to be objective in their work but warned that he was not going to let Zambia disintegrate because of politics.

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One Response to “Stop violence or else – Lungu”

  1. Shibobo says:

    That is where President Lungu is missing it. He is failing to remove akasanga in his eye but quickly rashing to UPND.Put your house in order.Concerned P.F


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