Today’s letters to the editor

UPND murder most abhorrent

Dear Editor,

The UNPD thugs who murdered a Mazabuka welder  defending a woman wearing a PF Chitenge material is most abhorrent and must be dealt with seriously by the Police.

This kind of behaviour is indicative of the brutal and savage mentality of the people who have been recruited into this party.

These people have no political agenda of any type. They simply have the desire to rule the country and fix those they don’t like. That is why7 they have joined hands with the cartel which is well known for abusing state power for its own financial and political interests.

It will be a very big mistake for Zambians to let these power hungry people win because their intentions are not for the best interest of the country.

It will be a great in justice if those people murdered in Kasama, Chongwe, Mazabuka and now Chipulukusu in Ndola to pass unnoticed.

These deaths which are meant to intimidate voters into submission must be treated with the high priority they deserve because they point to a culture that could very easily invade the country if allowed to get into power.

As voters we have the rare opportunity of stopping the entry of an executive that is preceded by heinous acts of cruelty and murder.

Fanwell Mwansa

Govt should work on flawed

security system

Dear Editor,

I wish to agree with some Zambians who have suggested that our police is suspect in fighting political violence because apparently the majority of officers emanate from Southern and Western provinces which are strongholds for opposition UPND.

It is totally unacceptable for violence to reach these high levels when we have a highly trained, or so I think, men in uniform to do their work professionally.

It now explains why political violence will not be fought with professional zeal because some officers are wearing UPND uniform.

It also perhaps explains the worries by former UPND security man Captain Cosmas Moono who has claimed that the security system in Zambia is polarised.

There is no doubt that the cartel is at play and  appears to  be in full control of our communication systems and letting its agents like the Post to easily  bug  and listen into  other people’s conversations and even record such. Our Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda has been a double victim of this iniquity.

Government should therefore re-visit that SIM registration exercise because it would appear that the cartel is using the same to hack and listen to whatever conversations may be taking place of their targeted individuals.

This is real and the sooner Government realised the abuse of SIM registration the better for the nation.

Government should take Capt Moono’s fears seriously and begin to cleanse our security system which presently appears to have a lot of flaws.

It is for the same reason that the cartel is always one a step ahead of security operations. Even the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has equally bemoaned police inertia in combating political violence.

There is something terribly awry with our police service in the manner it is handling political violence in the nation.

LAZ is right to express its concern, especially if the police themselves are involved in political violence as it pointed out.

It is either the police have been bought by the cartel or lack appropriate training to handle such an issue.

So far the police have been a total letdown in stopping political violence.

Concerned citizen

UPND’s true election picture

Dear Editor,

I want to commend Professor Mwine Lubemba for his article ‘‘Hakainde Hichilema can win…but?” in the July 31, 2016, edition of Sunday Nation. It is indeed a true picture of the UPND’s slim chances of scooping next month’s general elections going by the massive demographic reality in the numbers game by registered voters.

The ruling party on the other hand really thinks it is going to win the elections, based on its calculations of the registration of voters nationally.

Because there is a long-established voting pattern in the country based on ethnicity, the PF thinks the numbers are on its side.

I strongly believe that unless UPND political violence is addressed, unless economic, social, cultural and environmental rights are aggressively pursued by Hakainde Hichilema as espoused in the proposed Bill of Rights, unless voting ‘YES’ in the Bill of Rights referendum is entrenched in the UPND, unless the running mate GBM refrains from GBV, unless, unless, unless… UPND’s election victory next month cannot really be achieved.

Besides, by asking the electorate to vote ‘NO’ in the referendum to – their rights to healthcare, clean safe water and decent sanitation; rights to employment and fair labour practices; rights to social protection; rights to decent housing and food of acceptable standard; rights to enjoy cultural practices and to speak a language of one’s choice; rights to goods and services of acceptable standard; rights to compensation for loss from a defect in goods or services; rights to safe, clean and healthy environment; rights to fair pay and decent working conditions and rights to emergency medical treatment – the UPND leader has actually shot himself in the foot because all these rights ought to be enshrined in the amended Constitution after voting ‘YES’ in the referendum on August 11.

UPND’s  promises to deliver the Bill of Rights once voted into office is definitely a tall order.

I only hope that the UPND leaders will not close their ears to this clarion call to action.

Mubanga Luchembe,