Today’s text messages

Put everything in God’s hands


People build too many walls and not enough bridges. That means they pray for things to be easy for them instead of praying for strength. Others do things to impress others in need of a favor instead of doing things to impress God in line with the principles and purpose we have in life. Others seek love instead of finding the barriers they have built within themselves; they say “if we can’t see our ears with our eyes, we will use a mirror”. Let us make an analysis using this verse, Mathew 17: 8-9 says “but remember doing the right thing is the only way to prosperity in Jesus’ name.”



Lungu has heart for Zambians


Out of the nine candidates contesting in the country’s presidency, it is clear that only President Lungu has a heart for the Zambian people because he has managed to deliver development even in areas where they did not vote for him.

Danny street vendor, Kulima tower


This election is about light and darkness


This election is about President Lungu who fears God against some people who have publicly endorsed violence and Armageddon. Make no mistake about that and side with the light above forces of darkness.



PF delivering development


I would like to appeal to all loving Zambians to vote wisely this August 11th. No change! The PF are delivering development. Do not vote for the wrong leaders who are busy insulting and encouraging violence.

Bwalya. N. Kabwe


Buffaloes loss to Warriors: Blame coach


I would like to express my disappointment over our loss to Kabwe Warriors. The coach, Bilton Musonda, is to blame! How do you change the winning team?

Chinyanta, Buffaloe. FC supporter


He who wields a knife never wears the crown!


Those opposition parties promoting violence have no chance on August 11th. He who wields a knife never wears the crown. Please take note.

G.Phiri, Lusaka


Load shedding in Kamwala South worse


Load shedding in Kamwala South and the surrounding areas has gotten out of hand. While places like Libala Stage Two experiences no load shedding, the above mentioned area experiences load shedding everyday between 17.00 and 21.00 hours. We are paying for services like DStv which we never get to enjoy at all.  Can ZESCO please alternate the load shedding schedule, it’s too much.

Don. M