We’ll shock PF, UPND, says Rainbow

THIS year’s election results will shock many because the Rainbow Party is poised for a win against the so-called big parties because it is the only one with ideologies that can transform this country economically, Lusaka Province chairperson Patrick Phiri has said.

Mr. Phiri told the Daily Nation that while there was a lot of excitement among some political parties that considered themselves as the real contenders in this election, the Rainbow Party was headed for victory because it had done its homework and will not be intimidated by those who over-estimated their strength on the political arena.

He said Zambians cannot be cheated anymore and will rally behind his party because it was   the only one that provided hope to the development of the country through a sound ideology that resonated well with the needs of the country by providing solutions to the challenges people were facing.

‘‘Removing the PF from power and entrusting the responsibility of governance into another political party other than our party does not change anything because these parties have the same ideologies from capitalism.

“Our socialist approach is the only one that can provide a tangible alternative to the failed capitalism system of governance which has characterised this country for 27 years without any improvement. We have done our homework through our door-to-door campaigns and victory for us is certain. We can’t wait for 11th August 2016,” Mr. Phiri said.

He said he was confident that his party will win these elections because of the response they were getting from the grassroots through a decentralised door-to-door campaign strategy which afforded his party a chance to interact with the people on a personal basis.