ZDDM explains ‘marriage’ to PF

WE will continue to offer checks and balances to the Patriotic Front (PF) after winning the elections because we still retain our own ideologies despite backing them up in this election, Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala has said.

Mr. Sakala told the Daily Nation that while his party was backing the PF in this year’s election, it would continue with its role of a watchdog to ensure that those in power did not divert from their role and campaign promises but delivered accordingly.

He said the “marriage” between the PF and ZDDM was purely out of principle and would not compromise or affect the role of his party, as an opposition, because it was not sold off to the ruling party as it had its own ideals.

He said ZDDM was supporting the PF because the two had similarities in their ideologies which centred on devolution of power that gave accelerated development through a decentralised form of government which was more effective as decision-making and authority did not entirely rest on leadership at national level.

“ZDDM has an agenda; we stand for a federal system in which every province governs itself and we believe that this system is closer to the PF government’s decentralisation policy as we see this as a way of spreading development equally across the country unlike a centralised approach where power rests in a few individuals and so our decision was based on principle.

“However, the fact that we are supporting the PF in this election does not mean that we are going to be a compromised opposition political party in providing checks and balances. That is our role and we will continue doing so because we are an independent political party despite supporting our colleagues in this election,” Mr. Sakala said.

He said his party would soon commence mobilisation for the 2021 elections because it would not support any other political party, adding that adequate preparation was important if any party was to compete fairly in an election.