Kitwe’s second mayor Kalyati dies

GOVERNMENT has expressed sadness over the untimely and shocking death of   Mr Albert Kalyati who was the second mayor of Kitwe during the reign of Dr Kenneth Kaunda in the first republic.

Kitwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe said Mr Kalyati was a gallant leader and a true patriot of the nation who believed in serving humanity.

Mr Kabwe said Mr Kalyati had contributed positively to the development of Kitwe from its infancy to where it was today.

Mr Kalyati was instrumental in changing the outlook of the City of Kitwe by coming up with new development ideas for the benefit of the residents.

He said the death of Mr Kalyati was not only a tragedy to the residents of Kitwe but the nation as a whole because he was the reservoir of knowledge to all the mayors who had the opportunity of serving the people of Kitwe from the  past governments to date.

Mr Kabwe said the nation will miss the late mayor because he had the passion for the people regardless of their background.

He said the former mayor had transformed the City of Kitwe by ensuring that many investors from different parts of the globe established their businesses in the town.

“The Government is deeply shocked about the loss of the second mayor of Kitwe who was just not an ordinary mayor but a legendary freedom fighter who liberated Zambia with his colleagues from the yokes of colonialism.

“The former second mayor died in Kitwe recently and I am wishing the Kalyati family God’s blessings and guidance so that He can grant them strength and wisdom during this trying period,” said Mr Kabwe.