Mushrooming Kamwala shops pose danger to drivers

The continued mushrooming of shops along the railway line at Kamwala second-class trading area has raised concern among  motorists who have complained that they are always crossing the rail in fear of being hit by a train because the traders have blocked both sides of the railway line.

The motorists have said that there is urgent need for Lusaka City Council (LCC) to intervene and ensure that all the people trading along the railway are given shops in the town centre.

They said that it is always a challenge for them to cross the rail because of too many shops and vendors which has made it hard for them to see a train approaching. Kennedy Sichula, a motorist, said that people who are operating the shops near the railway should consider motorists even as they are conducting their businesses.

Mr. Sichula said that the railway crossing is also used by bus drivers who carry a lot of people in their vehicles but are forced to drive across the line while blinded by the shops.

He said that if any accident was to happen because of too many shops obstructing the view of the drivers, the blame will be put on the driver with no consideration whatsoever on the fact that there are too many people in the area.

Mr. Sichula complained that the authorities who are responsible for land allocation should always ensure that they put into consideration the well- being of other stakeholders who will be using the area for other activities other than selling.

‘’We are not able to drive safely as motorists because of the many shops that along the rail line and this makes driving difficult especially for public transporters. There are too many shops and it becomes difficult for us to know if there is a train coming. There is urgent need for the council to regulate land allocation along the rail in Kamwala trading area,’’ he said.

Mr. Sichula said that having shops all around the railway puts at risk the lives of many people.

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