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The cartel is truly heartless

Dear Editor,

Making a headline of the President’s tiredness is a display of callousness which deserves condemnation

Who does not know that President Edgar Lungu is experiencing one of the most gruelling and challenging campaign schedule ever seen in this country? Three rallies in a day is a feat many people would not even attempt and yet he has been doing the rounds in the country. Is it surprising therefore that he was tired? Who would not be?

The only kind of people would make fun of tiredness are heartless people who have no feelings for others. They will want to make money from any discomfort or suffering that other people experience.

I have seen many pictures of Heads of State sleeping, but none has been a headline, it has always been a point of fun. Somehow in this country such a thing makes it into headlines.

Shame on the heartless and  cruel people behind the publication.  MNJ


Make Charity Katanga Police IG

Dear Editor,

It is true that most cops in the service are either Tonga or Lozi and these are people currently solidly behind HH and UPND.

I doubt also whether the current IG Kanganja is with President Lungu because he also comes from UPND stronghold, North Western Province.

Is it any wonder that the police have become impotent in the war against political violence in Zambia? Personally I would advise President Lungu to make Copperbelt police chief Charity Katanga IG and the police will wake up and do their work.

I have followed the performance of that lady. She can make an ideal IG. I have no doubt in my mind about this.

In its current form, our police is nothing but civilians in uniform probably busy preparing to vote for HH and cannot be bothered with political violence.

So the promised rolling of heads is long overdue. Time to wield the axe is now. Why should Lusaka police travel all the way to Southern Province to solve problems? Why should we keep on paying  police officers in that province for doing nothing?

Josiah Soko, Salima Road, Matero


Fire UPND police officers in Southern Province

Dear Editor,

Remarks by President Edgar Lungu warning the Police to scale operations in the wake of violent attacks by the Opposition UPND cadres against PF members is welcome but long overdue.

The opposition UPND thinks Southern Province belongs to them .

The cadres are acting out of proportion and the Police pay a blind eye.

Look at the unfolding events:-

Prior to January 2015 Presidential elections, UPND cadres ambushes ECZ trucks in Chirundu on suspicion that they carried pre- marked ballot papers.

The drivers were roughed up only to find out that the trucks carried chairs and tents.

HH the UPND leader never apologised to the ECZ or the families of the drivers. I doubt they will do so even with the recent Livingstone incident. No arrests were made.

In Namwala Government officials were ambushed as they were coming from duty after the President’s rally, only to be rescued by officers from Lusaka. To date no arrest has been made.

A man was stabbed and killed in Mazabuka just because he tried to defend a woman wearing PF regalia.

A teacher was brutally beaten by unruly UPND cadres wearing Party regalia just because she speaks a language not familiar to them, to that effect Police command has sent officers from Lusaka to arrest the suspects.

Now in Livingstone unruly UPND cadres impound ECZ trucks as it were in 2015 and searched them without police permit only to find nothing.No arrests have been made.

Going by this scenario it is evident that the Police commander in Southern Province is failing in its duty and so the axe must fall on the top most so that the tail ended will follow orders.

It appears the Police in Southern Province are working for the opposition UPND.

Kudos must go to Copperbelt Police Command Charity Katanga who acted swiftly and arrested the UPND cadres who stripped naked a woman wearing a PF Chitenge material.

The sooner the changes are made the better. Zambia is for all of us. Fire them Commander in Chief!!!!!!!!

 The Watchman


Chongwe district electoral  officer wins kudos 

Dear Editor,

With less than two weeks before the poll day, political parties have intensified the campaigns reaching out to almost all parts of the nation canvasing for votes ,what more with the 50%+1 clause in the new Constitution in the like manner.

The Electoral Commission Of Zambia has made strides in training, recruiting, selection and posting of poll staff.

But allow me to congratulate the Chongwe DEO together with the Chongwe Constituency Returning Office in the transparent manner on which  they conducted the training, selection and posting.

The poll staff the attended a two-day intensive workshop after which they were tested and results posted on the notice board for all to see!

Of course, they are human and bound to make mistakes but many stakeholders expressed satisfaction with the selection process.

Firstly, the poll staff were divided into 9 classes and each class had 2 trainers.

During the time for writing tests, the trainers changed rooms to invigilate just to avoid familiarity and marking of the scripts was done by the Returning officer and his two assistants.

I just pray that the selected staff will perform according to ECZ guidelines and be transparent and impartial just as the DEO was in selecting them.

I pray that there shall be no violence before, during and after the poll day.

Those advocating for Armageddon have no room in Chongwe.We live as one family. One Zambia,One Tribe, One Love

 Chakwiya Bornface, Chongwe

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