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‘Violent’ GBM ticked off


I wish to tell UPND candidates that GBM is just destroying the name of HH. Please warn him to stop insulting people like he did when he came to Kaputa. He was just speaking like he was not a leader. I wonder why GBM attacked a person who has never held a defensive position. Please control your leader before we get to the polling day. Otherwise you will lose votes because I was a UPND member but when I heard the insults I immediately joined the PF. I wonder if you’ll get any votes in Kaputa, you will remember me after the elections mark my words.

John Mambwe, Kaputa district


Blind PF supporters


One funny part about those in support of the PF is that they are forgetting how much they have suffered for sometime and they are not seeing the future. No wonder they say “umuntu ni Lungu” meaning that “bena tebantu”. Keep and speak using the ballot.



This is for Evangelist Chishala



It is embarrassing to hear that even the so called “Men of God” being actively involved in prejudice and politics. Where were you all the time when you never prayed for peace. For you to start pointing fingers at individuals? Do not judge! What if the people you are against win these elections? How will you feel? Shame!



UPND smells defeat


The UPND should tell us if it is the only party contesting the 11th August elections for them to reject the outcome of the results if they lose! Or is it because they are smelling defeat?

Chambo, Kapiri Mposhi


HH does not worship at Libala SDA


HH and his UPND group should not accuse Lungu of rigging. They have just helped Lungu win! I am one of them that wanted to vote for the UPND but because of the behaviour they have portrayed I have changed my choice! Besides that, I need a leader who takes things to God and not people who have unknown religions. I am an Adventist at Libala where HH claims to be a member. Ever since I became a member of Libala SDA, I have never seen HH and yet he claims to be a member there.



Zambians, do not let  HH fool you


Zambians, do not be fooled by HHs last minute condemnation of violence. It is smoke screen. Remember he declared and promised Armageddon. HH, it is easy to start a bush fire but very hard to put it out. Look at what is happening now. Shame on you!

Kayuba Lwando


The beating of a teacher by UNPD cadres shameful


For a teacher to be beaten like that, it leads me to wonder where our government is. What is government? We are tired of condemning! What is needed now is action. The government is still working and the police should not fear those criminals.

A.Lungu, Ndola


Jealous people defecting  to UPND


Those who have left the PF to join the opposition UPND did not leave genuinely but left because of jealousy for President Lungu,

Danny street vendor,Kulima tower

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