Vote wisely, urges Muliokela

POOR People’s Party president Alex Muliokela has asked Zambians to ensure they vote wisely on August 11, as it will determine the way forward for Zambia.

Mr. Muliokela urged Zambians to guard their vote jealously and not to be enticed by some politicians who might want to buy their votes.

He also asked the electorate to be peaceful, warning that troublemakers would not find it easy to cause trouble as the Security wings were fully prepared.

“Your votes, as Zambians, on August 11 will determine the way forward for the country. Do not sell your vote because it is your right and nobody should force you on whom to vote for.

“I enjoin you to cast your vote in an atmosphere of peace and order because I believe that the police have put in place measures to arrest anyone who would want to bring confusion,” Mr. Muliokela said.

He called on politicians contesting in the general elections to ensure that peace prevailed in the country before, during and after the elections for the sake of the Zambian people.

“Politicians should set aside their political differences so as not to jeopardise peace in the country during this period, Zambia needs peace more than ever,” he said.