…as Sinkamba bemoans Lungu’s absence at Presidential TV debates

The Green Party  says  it is  sad and regrettable to learn that President Edgar Lungu has refused to participate in the Live TV Presidential Debate at Mulungushi Conference Centre  today.

 President Lungu was scheduled to participate in a panel debate comprising UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema, Green Party President Sinkamba, FDD Leader Edith Nawakwi and UNIP President Tilyenji Kaunda from 18.00hrs to 21.00hrs.

Mr Sinkamba believed that President Edgar Lungu’s refusal to interact with other presidential candidates through live TV debates was not fair to other political opponents taking part in next week’s general elections.

He said the Head of state would miss   a grand opportunity to shake hands with key rivals, especially Mr Hichilema before millions of viewers worldwide.

Mr Sinkamba said the live TV debate was not all about presidential candidates throwing   political  tantrums  at each other  but to revive the motto  of “One Zambia One Nation”    for reconciliation  process to take place.

“We also believe that President Lungu has missed a chance to demonstrate to the voters, and the rest of the world, that he fully understands the PF 2016 manifesto which he unveiled at National Heroes Stadium a couple of months ago,” said Mr Sinkamba.

Mr Sinkamba further claimed that the Republican President had denied his voters a golden opportunity to evaluate his capacity to showcase his party agenda by interacting with other political players.

The Green Party leader said his party fully supported  initiatives that brought together leaders such as political to debate because it was through such forum that national unity  was  demonstrated and achieved.