Chief Magodi endorses Lungu

SENIOR Chief Magodi of the Tumbuka-speaking people in Lundazi district has endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in next week’s general elections.

Chief Magodi told former Home Affairs minister Lameck Mangani when he paid a courtesy call in Lundazi that the Patriotic Front had undertaken a number of developmental projects in the district.

He said the party had managed to take development closer to the people through the construction of health facilities, schools and dams.

He said the people should turn in large numbers to vote for PF in the elections.

And Mr Mangani encouraged the traditional leadership to assist in mobilising the voters during the voting day.

And Headman Kalitema of Chadiza district in Eastern Province has challenged MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakachinda to quickly tell the President Lungu to instruct the PF members of Parliament to stop confusing voters with contradicting messages on the alliance.

Headman Kalitema said the messages coming from the PF candidates had the potential to make the President lose the elections as some voters might choose to stay away because of the confusion being fueled by the PF candidates.

The Headman who spoke on behalf of 6 village headmen from the same area said the President should quickly give a directive to his MPs as their continued campaigns against the alliance would make him lose the elections.

Meanwhile, the MMD has called on voters in Eastern Province not to vote for some of its former MPs who crossed to the PF at the last minute due to selfish interests.

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