Focus on little things to make you prosper – expert

A SOUTH African entrepreneur has advised upcoming entrepreneurs to always support their dreams with a strong will coupled with unique customer service to woo clients whilst growing their businesses.

Joshua Shaw, an entrepreneur who helps upcoming entrepreneurs develop business strategies, said in an interview that all businesses must be accompanied by a will and desire to develop it into reality.

“My word for encouragement to the upcoming entrepreneurs is that if you have a dream and desire, do not give up on that dream no matter what because that was put into you for a reason and do not let that dream die because that is there for a reason.

‘‘You will have to tap that with wisdom, and be realistic with those dreams,” he said.

Mr Shaw explained that upcoming entrepreneurs must also build right business relationships while taking advantage of every opportunity that would help them grow their enterprises.

“They should look out for things such as opportunities; if you want to venture in and needs more training, and then find opportunities for education. They should also look out for right relationships, primarily I would say this: there is a difference between good and great,” he said.

He said it was also important to focus on strategies such as being financially sound, developing good customer service and to be organised.

“There are a lot of good things out there but a few great things. The differences between good and great things are the little things, so if you want to be a good entrepreneur just focus on the things we talked about.

“Focus on the little things such as customer service, being prompt, being organised and financially sound and professional to differentiate you from the rest of the people,” he said.