Green Party plans hospitals from sale of marijuana

The Green Party says if elected into power in this year’s general polls it will use the money generated from the marijuana revenue to build University Teaching Hospitals in each provincial centre.

The party president Peter Sinkamba said his party would ensure that the University Teaching Hospitals were constructed in the ten provinces to offer better health services as well stop from travelling to Lusaka’s UTH.

He said his party had tangible plans for the health sector to bring the services closer to the people as well offering a better health service delivery.

He said when health sector was enhanced to acceptable standards the general citizenry would be able to foster economic development.

Mr Sinkamba said Marijuana was a good crop that could change the status of the nation because of its high medicinal value and the wealth it could bring to the  country once it was made into a cash crop.

He said when the University Teaching Hospitals were established in  all the provincial centres of the country work would  be made easier for the medical personnel in various parts of Zambia.

Mr Sinkamba also said that the Tropical Diease Research Centre (TDRC) in Ndola would be removed and turned into departments to serve the provincial UTHs.

Mr Sinkamba said    the Green Party also planned fully equip military hospitals by ensuring that  they has  state of art equipment and medicines.