Kitwe’s Independent candidate for Ndeke ward speaks out

A Kitwe based clergyman who is standing as  a councillor  for Ndeke ward in Kwacha constituency  as an independent standing on an independent has called for people to vote for him on August 11.

Pastor Davies Kasengele said there was nothing wrong for the electorate to vote for an independent candidate in next week’s general polls for as long as he measured up to the challenge.

He said what was important was to vote for an individual who would represent the voters effectively.

He said before he stood on an independent ticket because he was a member of the ruling PF but was not happy about some of the adopted civic leaders who chose to stand on the PF ticket in various wards in Kwacha constituency.

Pastor Kasengele said he was on the ground with the people as he lived with them and knew their day to  day challenges.

He said had sacrificed  his  personal vehicle to be doing community  work  in Ndeke ward and he was instrumental in ensuring that a Police post was erected in Mulenga compound which had no such facility for so many years.

The independent candidate said without him the Police post would not have been  in existence, adding that he used his influence as a clergy  to bring the Police closer to the people in to mitigating crime levels which were  so high.

He said he had been working with the people of Ndeke for some time because he was desperate to see that the area developed into an acceptable  for people to live in.

Pastor Kasengele said the electorate should not be cheated that if they did not vote  for councillors standing on the PF or any other political parties then development would not  be taken to their areas.