Now GBM insults Lungu

…calls the President stupid, declares he is ready to be jailed

(See verbatim below)

Ine nine ningatina ka Edgar?  Ine nine ninga tina jail?  Jele tebaume bapangaila?  Jail bantu bapala GBM bapangila and Im going to go inside and I dont bloody care! Zambia Forward …

Mwamona uko twafika nomba, ama levels twafika, uko Edgar atufisha?  Twalimwebele ukutila ati ala ukubula ka President akakuti kafuma muli kachasu nakakolwa mwakabika pa chipuna emano yabo ayayene.  Nomba lolesheni abena Zambia twaamba ukuchenwa this is not good this is unacceptable. Anyway Lesa waluse.  August 11 come walaisa mona na iwe Edgar Lungu you will be answerable.

First thing tukachita naifwe ku parliament twalaya chita remove immunity yakwe pantu achilamo nao.  Alaba, kepushe Rupiah Banda alepita mulifinshi niwe wa muchitile na restore immunity.

Mu Zambia ta twatabala kwatapo violence ya musango ifi awe. 

Elyo nga mwati mumone utumapepala twabo ka Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, naiyi newspaper ya kwa Sakala balebepesha ifwe ati nifwe tuleamba violence bushe ifwe natwamba violence? 

Lungu takwata amano muleumfwa. 

Iwe uchite report ati efyo nandile ati tawakwata amano.  Ulebula ubushiku uli satanist akacelo wayabula tu pastor eto waleta ati iyo natupepe, tupepele icalo, bloody nonsense, this is stupid ….. stupid.

IT is bloody nonsense for President Edgar Lungu to have called for national prayers to pray for peaceful elections, Geoffrey bwalya Mwamba has said.

Mr Mwamba, true to his form, yesterday went vile and showered invectives and insults on Republican President Lungu.

And not to be outmatched, former MMD President  Nevers Mumba also  charged that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was neither a Mason nor  Satanist as was being popularly claimed.

Instead Mr. Mwamba accused President Lungu of being Satanist and declared that the call for prayers for peaceful elections by the Head of State was nonsense and an act of stupidity.

He also attacked the church,  branding pastors and bishops who attended the national prayers for peaceful elections as agents of evil before proclaiming that it was bloody nonsense and stupid for President Lungu to have called for prayers.

Addressing rally in Ndola, Mr Mwamba declared that he was not scared of going to jail because prisons were constructed for human beings.

He said President Lungu was going to be made accountable after the general elections because according to him, the UPND was destined to take over the governance of the country.

Mr Mwamba said the first thing the UPND will embark on once in Government was to remove President Lungu immunity from prosecution.

He said President Lungu had forgotten that former president Rupiah Banda lost his immunity which he claimed was only restored by the Head of State on humanitarian grounds.

“We have never had such a wave of violence in Zambia. And you see, their small newspapers, the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and Richard Sakala’s newspaper (Daily Nation) are accusing us of perpetrating violence .

Mr Mwamba demeaned President Lungu’s humble background and insolently defamed the Head of State that he was nothing but a drunk from Chawama.

Meanwhile Pastor  Mumba  said Mr Hichilema was not a Satanist because  this would have been manifest each time he was  in the presence of pastors or Reverends.

Dr Mumba said Mr Hichilema was a devoted Christian and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and it was therefore not true that the UPND leader was a Satanist.


8 thoughts on “Now GBM insults Lungu

  1. Last kicks of a dieing horse, we won’t take you to prison. You know you are losing that’s why you want the elections to be canceled. Mr fatty Albert we know your intentions. Bola panshi tukamikata bwino after am election.

  2. God work his own time,nobody on this earth Can give God programme,so the leader That Will rule zambia the next 5-10 years God already knows,and mess around with many of God because u Can recieve a curse

  3. Ati qualified running mate for the republican Presidential office. This thing is retarded and over frustrated. On 11th August, 2016, lets turn up in droves to renew the insignia of Zambian Presidency on one ECL. I shudder to risk my country with this retarded demagogue.


  5. Tell him!! Go HH and gbm,lungu and pf thinks we are happy for all the troubles brought and caused by them! 11 th we settle u guys and lungu just start packing ur jemason and your suits

  6. This nation is not for ur mother u understand u guys from pf!!! Come what may u be taught a lesson next week,as lupiya banda how it feels to waste monies on campaigns! He campaigned even on sweets,pants and many more and this is what your lungu is doing! He has become JK s dancing thing together with his 4 years older wife!!!kkkkkkkkkk funny mweee!!!

  7. IT is not good for Mr Mwamba to be using abusive and vulgar language, what kind of a leader is he going to make if voted into office people we must learn something before its to late.

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