PF members, donors funding campaign – Chama

NOT A single ngwee from Government coffers has been diverted for ruling Patriotic Front campaigns and some senior members of the party have dug into their pockets to fund the exercise, says PF secretary general Davies Chama.

Mr Chama has revealed that PF central committee member and Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda and other senior members of the party have actually been depositing their own money to the party accounts for campaigns ahead of next week’s general elections.

Mr Chama was rubbishing a phone recording published by the Post Newspaper on Saturday suggesting that Mr Chikwanda had been diverting Government resources into the party through the office of the PF secretary general.

He said those who were accusing Mr Chikwanda and himself of diverting Government resources into PF coffers for campaigns were free to visit the Office of the Auditor General for inspection as it was a public office.

Mr Chama said whenever Mr Chikwanda deposited money from his own pocket into the party account, he always called him (SG) informing him that he had deposited money into the party account.

“When I took over the office from Mr Wynter Kabimba all the accounts were depleted. We had to start looking for ways of raising resources for the party. I remember we organised a fundraising dinner in the UK when I just took over and all the resources realised from that dinner was deposited into the donors’ account for the party,” he said.

Mr Chama said since he took over from Mr Kabimba all the party branches abroad had embarked on fundraising ventures in their respective countries and started depositing money into the party’s donor account.

“We have never taken any single dollar from Government coffers and the Office of the Auditor General can attest to that,” Mr Chama said.

He said being experienced, Mr Chikwanda understood well that ministers were not signatories to ministries’ bank accounts.

Mr Chama said permanent secretaries and directors in the ministries where the ones who were signatories of Government bank accounts.

He said the Patriotic Front was a big organisation with a membership of over one million people from different walks of life and everybody had been donating to the party.

Mr Chama said during the on-going political campaigns a lot of donors had approached the party with sponsorship.

“In fact Mr Chikwanda has been using his own personal money just to see that the PF wins this year’s general elections. He has been a Member of Parliament for five years under the PF and throughout he has been contributing his resources obtained from the National Assembly through gratuity.

“Even other Members of Parliament have been contributing their gratuity to the party; Cabinet ministers have also been making contributions to the party,” he said.

Mr Chama said whenever Mr Chikwanda and other senior members of the party deposited their contributions into the account they always called him to remind him that they had pumped in resources.

Asked whether he had issued an official complaint to law enforcement agencies that his phone was tapped, Mr Chama said he had been consulting on how he would go about it.