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Dipak Patel’s out of touch with reality

Dear Editor,

What could be more shameful than the comment made by campaign manager Dipak Patel of the UPND after the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) allowed observers into their restricted results receiving rooms for the first time in history to ensure that there was transparency in the electoral process? Dipak Patel responded by saying, “There was need for the ECZ to increase transparency in the electoral process as that would help calm public anxiety.”

Public anxiety my foot! And not UPND’s phobia about election rigging?

This statement aptly reinforces his out of touch with reality on the ground at the ECZ and irremediable stance on his party’s dictum of ‘victory at all costs’ situation.

And he would not have an answer either to the question: “What about those eight brand new trucks procured by the ECZ that were impounded by the UPND cadres at Katima

Mulilo border post and in the central business district of Livingstone following suspicions that they were carrying pre-marked ballot papers?”

But the trucks carried nothing at all save for one that carried after-sale service parts for the same eight trucks.

Meanwhile, reactions to Dipak Patel and the riotous conduct by UPND cadres range from strong irritation to outright chagrin in the Zambian political circles.

However, I do rather suspect the UPND leaders regard it as normal and acceptable behavior by their cadres.

Little do UPND leaders realize that their party’s popularity starts with a disciplined and violence-free general membership.

Besides, for a society to break down, the watchdog institutions that normally stop a nation from toppling over into the abyss of political violence have to fail at a fundamental level.

Whatever the outcome of it all, in future, history will be written

with one eye firmly on the riotous conduct by UPND cadres and the party’s popularity fall-out from these incidents.

Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA


Nevers Mumba has lost it

Dear Editor,

I cannot help but feel very angry with the manner in which Dr. Nevers Mumba has been commenting on President Lungu’s religious expression.

No person, however high in the hierarchy of the church has a right to prescribe the manner in which another individual will worship or relate religiously. These are personal matters.

If President Lungu feels favoured, he has every right to express that feeling.

Dr. Mumba should deal with the frustration that he has caused many Zambians by his flop flopping and prevarication over many important matters. He must remember that he became an MMD member by default. He leapfrogged many people in order to support the campaign that destroyed many original members of the party.

Zambians will never forget that Nevers was a close ally of Levy Mwanawasa at the highest persecution of Dr. Chiluba by the Task Force on corruption. He never raised a finger to protect his brethren who were being persecuted, preferring instead to bask in the glory of power.

Zambians remember and will not allow him anywhere near power again. Those who betray decency, morality and justice must never expect blessings.

They will reap what they sowed. Osward Mwenda.


Wynter Kabimba’s flawed prediction

Dear Editor,

Rainbow Party’s presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba is always caught up in one controversy or the other, he became even more contentious when he attempted to justify that all those who thought that the PF and their presidential candidate Edgar Lungu would last after August 11 general elections could go and get his last dollar if that happened (“Lungu won’t make it – Kabimba” – Daily Nation, August 1, 2016).

Wynter Kabimba embarrassingly said that “I have participated in elections before and I know by now how to read the political

landscape; there is no way the PF would last beyond the August 11”.  He added that it was highly unlikely that Edgar Lungu would win the election or his leadership to go beyond the election. However, many political pundits and Zambians believe that even though Wynter Kabimba can read the political landscape, he simply cannot win a national election.

He has never won any election in his life, having failed as a parliamentary candidate in his own village in Shikatende of the newly created Shibuyunji District, and only made to be what he was in PF by the late Michael Sata himself – appointed him as PF secretary general and nominated him as MP with no constituency.

His own father is a key UPND official in Shikatende. Wynter Kabimba has no political base in Zambia and simply wanted to “inherit” late Michael Sata’s political base which had once belonged to the late Fredrick Chiluba.

Wynter Kabimba’s natural political base was supposed to be in Central and Southern provinces which incidentally belongs to Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND of  the ‘Bantu Botatwe’ ethnic group, and he simply doesn’t have the political muscle to wrestle that from them.

Demonstrating his lack of judgement, just look at how, as Justice Minister disrespected Zambians by arrogantly shooting down the then proposed new Constitution as being unnecessary for Zambia, a 180-degrees turnaround from PF’s campaign promises.

Again it was hard to understand what political benefits Wynter Kabimba had hoped to reap from polarizing and galvanizing so much opposition from opposition parties, the Church, Civil Society and the general public.

PF was then seen as lacking integrity and credibility.

For some like me, who passionately support  the PF, Wynter Kabimba has turned out to be a huge disappointment and the August 11 polls time waster and spoiler for participating.

Thankfully, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance in his personality.

With full knowledge of his 2014 grand plan to takeover power in PF and the nation, and him being seen by his supporters as the “anointed one” in PF leadership succession, Wynter Kabimba had irresistibly come to embody the word “Arrogance” itself.

That was why he was such a hated figure and lacked appeal both within and outside PF.

One could see and feel so much tension in the country when he remained as the acting state president when the late President Michael Sata was on a “working holiday” in Israel, which included a component of “Medical Tourism” according to the then state vice president Guy Scott.

There were all sorts of wild allegations, paranoia and speculation about him and the cartel. Surely, even the late Michael Sata himself, though by then he was not the once vibrant King Cobra he once was, could surely see how hated and reviled his so-called “anointed one” was to the nation.

Eventually, he got fired as Justice minister and PF secretary general by the ailing president Michael Sata shortly before his death.

In a mind boggling turn of events, Wynter Kabimba arrogantly, shunned King Cobra’s state funeral.


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