Today’s text messages

Wynter Kabimba and his failed party


To the leader of the failed Rainbow Party, please stop dreaming that Edgar Lungu and the PF will be no more after the August 11th, 2016 elections. On the contrary, Edgar will carry the day and your bitterness will grow even bigger. We love our humble and God fearing ECL. Just campaign for your unpopular political party. Make your cellphone number public so that we can call you to collect the dollars you claim to have. D. L. Nkwazi Branch Youth Chairman


Thanks to Daily Nation!


Thanks to the Daily Nation Newspaper, we can get the truth from both the ruling party and the opposition camps without biasness. Kindly remember to pay your taxes otherwise we won’t be able to bail you out just in case.

Uncle B


 Impounding of ECZ trucks


The impounding of ECZ trucks by the UPND cadres on suspicion that the trucks were carrying pre-marked papers is uncalled for. Mr Dipak Patel, UPND campaign manager, was it possible that time to rig an election? Their actions are in fact pre-marking the minds of undecided voters who will now vote for the ruling PF.

Bravo PF!  Citizen, Kafue


PF will be in power for many years


It is true and quite evident that the PF will be in power for the next 100years. The euphoria and charisma that goes with the PF is contagious. The love that even little ones have for the PF is also evident. They will grow with its love. A good parent leaves an inheritance that children must build on. EL will leave a good legacy as he wins the August 11th polls for the next generation to come. The referendum vote is the eye- yes because people have seen it. Credit where it is due must be given. We love mother Zambia and may peace reign.

Aaron Simutowe, Lusaka


Well done Mr President


I am trying to say thank you to the President of the Republic of Zambia for a job well done in opening Mulungushi Textiles. At least we the youth will find employment in this industry. Now, it is the duty of management and staff to revamp the economic sustainability of the company by introducing many products such as making mattresses, blankets, uniforms for nurses, cooking oil, soap and bed sheets etc. Management must not go to sleep so that people should start blaming the government. The President has done his part.

Mulenga. J. Arthur,Kabwe


  Police a major let down


What is the role of the Police Service in Zambia?  Most of us are left in dismay due to poor police officers performance who have allowed UPND cadres to mount road blocks and start attacking people at will.

CK, Kitwe


 UPND paranoia over ECZ trucks


By way of courtesy the ECZ informed the parties taking part in the August elections that the Commission had imported eight trucks. The paranoia exhibited by the UPND is uncalled for, more so that the party did the same in January 2015. In any case one does not need eight trucks to bring pre-marked ballots. Even the boot of a small car can be used.

Please trust the ECZ. Sampa, Kitwe


 UPND is gone!


The end of the UPND is within 216 hours count down period!

CK, Kitwe


Let’s cherish our country Zambia


The maturity of Zambia is beyond every citizen not in years, but in the peace we exhibit. We are examples of every African nation. Let’s cherish this country; we only have one Zambia so we must vote peacefully on the August 11th elections this year. Love you Zambia.

Prophet Mulilo