6 Chama chiefs predict PF victory

SIX chiefs in Chama district in Muchinga Province say the Patriotic Front (PF) is headed for victory in next week’s polls because of the unprecedented development it has initiated since coming to power and have pledged to continue garnering support for the ruling party.

And President Edgar Lungu has revealed that the House of Chiefs was working on modalities to recognise and gazette chiefs so that a new roadmap can be devised since the newly enacted Constitution does not give power to the Government to preside over such an undertaking in order not to interfere in the affairs of traditional leaders.

Speaking on behalf of his counterparts during a meeting with President Lungu at Chama District Council yesterday, Chief  Lundu said the people of Chama district were grateful and indebted to the  PF for commencing works on the Luangwa bridge which previous regimes had failed deliver to the them.

The traditional leader thanked President Lungu for living up to the promise he made in April this year that he would ensure that the bridge would be worked on to link Muchinga and other parts of the country.

He said the commencement of works on the Luangwa bridge was testimony that President Lungu was a man of action whose word never returned empty but was backed by action, hence the decision by traditional leaders in the district to rally behind his candidature in this election.

“We will give you a vote because you have done a lot in the few years you have been in power as a party. There is no need to change governments from time to time because that erodes investor confidence and we want to assure you that we are behind you,” he said.

And President Lungu has said it was important that a new way of recognising and gazetting chiefs was devised since Government no longer presided over such issues.

He said unlike the previous situation where some chiefs seemed to be imposed on people by Government due to their political inclinations or were seen to be  persecuted because of their political affiliation, Government will no longer play a role in recognising and gazetting them as stipulated by the newly enacted Constitution.