Early distribution of fertilizer cheers North farmers

NORTHERN Province farmers have applauded Government for early delivery of inputs which will enable transporters reach far flank areas mostly inaccessible in the rainy season.

Benson Mukupa of Shiwang’andu explained that some cooperatives were located faraway areas with rough terrains, which made trucks and other heavy laden vehicles impossible to access, but with early delivery of inputs, trucks would easily reach the areas.

“We are happy with the improvement in delivery time from previous times when we received inputs in November or December after the rains had already started which left some far-flung areas from the fertilizer distribution exercise cut off.

“This time, the ground is dry and distribution vehicles can reach all areas even those ragged terrains for more farmers to access the inputs,” he said.

And Mr Mukupa has appealed for the Government to speed up the delivery of seed so that the fertilizer distribution can be done alongside the seed distributions. He said it would be prudent for all inputs to be delivered in good time and distributed at the same time to avoid any delays in the farming process.

He said they were very grateful to the Government’s timely delivery of inputs to help farmers contribute effectively to the national food basket in diversity as more farmers had increased the number of crops they were growing.

Mr Mukuka grows cotton, sorghum, soya beans and maize said many farmers have joined the national call for diversification.

He said many farmers have learnt to grow different crops with both nutritional and economic benefits to the households and the country as a whole.

Another farmer, Simon Chewe explained that with the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), they have developed their status from grass thatched houses to iron roofed housing units because they could not afford it.