GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba has been roundly condemned for insulting President Edgar Lungu with former president Rupiah Banda warning that it would be tragic for Zambia if the foul-mouthed GBM would ever be given a chance to rule a blessed country like Zambia.

And Local Government and Housing Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said Zambians should now know that Mwamba is not only a political hooligan but a vile man unfit for any public office as well as a danger to peace and security.

Former President Banda charged that he would never want to share a platform with Hakainde Hichilema’s presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba because the UPND vice-president had no leadership qualities apart from being foul-mouthed.

Mr Banda said President Edgar Lungu had the right qualities to take the country forward and all he needed was more time.

“I support President Edgar Lungu and I can say it without shame or fear. President Lungu continues to be

what I analysed him to be a humble, attentive servant of



the Zambian people.This country will never settle as long as we keep saying we want change. It will never develop if we do not have clear understanding of those things that we need to do, Mr Banda said.

“To win an election you have to talk to people properly not insult,” said former president Banda.

And Mr Kampyongo said by insulting President Lungu, Mr Mwamba had insulted Zambians who elected the Head of State and that the UPND presidential running mate was a good example of a bad leader.

Mr Kampyongo has also branded former MMD president Nevers Mumba a political demagogue who should go back to church and repent for using and abusing the pulpit to advance his political ambitions. Mr Kampyongo, who is Patriotic Front (PF) national youth chairperson, said Mr Mwamba was not only a violent man but had exhibited his true colours that he was not fit to be entrusted with any public office in the country.

He said it was unacceptable for Mr Mwamba to insult and denigrate President Lungu who was elected by Zambians and warned that the UPND presidential running mate was going to face the wrath of citizens for verbally abusing the Head of State.

He said Zambians had fully realised that Mr Mwamba was a danger to the peace and unity of the country and would never allow a political hooligan to be elected to the second highest public office in the land.  “Mr Mwamba has proved beyond any reasonable doubt to Zambians that he is unfit to hold any public office in the country. Mr Mwamba has been exhibiting hooliganism and has been insulting Zambians indiscriminately.

‘‘Now he is insulting our Republican President who was elected by the majority of Zambians. He has insulted Zambians who elected President Lungu but let me warn that he will face the wrath of citizens soon. Anyway, he has certainly told Zambians not to vote for him and his boss, Mr Hichilema,” Mr Kampyongo said.

Mr Kampyongo explained that the top UPND leadership was exhibiting behaviour that was putting the peace and political stability of the country at risk. He said according to Mr Mwamba and Mr Hichilema, the general elections on Thursday next week was a matter of life and death and was employing desperate and dangerous tactics to win the polls at all costs.

“The recent conduct by Mr Hichilema to single out three council senior management officials in Mufumbwe in front of a crowd of his supporters exposes the UPND leader as a man resolved to stop at nothing to win the elections even if it meant harming people perceived to be standing in his way to ascend to power,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo warned that Mr Hichilema would be made to account for his actions at an appropriate time should anything happen to the three council officials the UPND leader was accusing of working with the PF.

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