Lawyers ditch Nevers Mumba

FORMER MMD president Nevers Mumba has been abandoned by his lawyers Bonaventure Mutale of J & M Advocates and Nelly Mutti of Lukona Chambers.

This came to light after Dr Mumba’s lawyers Ellis & Company wrote to the current MMD president Felix Mutati’s lawyers Eric Silwamba, Jalasi and Linyama Legal Practitioners that they were no longer representing or acting for Dr Mumba, Winnie Zaloumis or any other party officials.

This was after Mr Mutati’s lawyers wrote to them demanding that Dr Mumba retracts his statement within 24 hours which he had made to the public through his aide Ms Zaloumis stating that Dr Mumba had been reinstated by the Supreme Court as MMD president.

According to a letter addressed to Eric Silwamba, Jalasi and Linyama Legal Practitioners, Ellis & Company stated that they were in receipt of a letter dated July 29, 2016, but regretted to advise that the company no longer acted or represented Dr Mumba, Winnie Zaloumis or any other party official.

Earlier, the former Lunte parliamentarian through his lawyers demanded for a retraction of the alleged statement failure to which he would institute committal proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Mr Mutati stated that it had come to his attention that Dr Mumba through his aide Ms Zaloumis after the conclusion of the hearing on Wednesday July 27, 2016, issued press statement in the precincts of the Supreme Court which was captured on Muvi Tv main news where she stated that the court had ordered the reinstatement of Dr Mumba as MMD president.

Ms Zaloumis was quoted to have said, ” today’s judgment is final and effectively reconfirms the status quo of Dr Mumba as president of the MMD with all other legitimate office holders and that Mr Mutati therefore maintains expelled until court makes another order and Raphael Nakachinda also remains suspended from engaging in any party activities”.

Mr Mutati said that Ms Zaloumis’ statement had also been followed by several media appearances by Dr Mumba on Radio Phoenix and  Muvi Tv News where he stated that he had been reinstated as MMD president.

Mr Mutati said the comments by both Dr Mumba and Ms Zaloumis were not a correct reflection of the Supreme Court judgment.

Mr Mutati said that the correct position was that the matter had only been referred back to the High Court for retrial for its determination of the validity of his presidency which Dr Mumba impugns.

He added that the two statements were clearly meant to prejudice the Supreme Court and High Court proceedings and as such contemptuous.