PF Kanyama aspirant pushes case for women

THERE is need to uphold the rights of women and youths who feel they cannot aim for higher positions because of where they come from, says PF Kanyama parliamentary candidate Elizabeth Phiri.

Ms Phiri said because of lack of presentation by the past leadership, youths and women have not benefited from the national cake.

She said Kanyama, being the ‘‘richest’’ constituency in Lusaka Province with industries and companies around, there was need to engage the corporate world to come on board and consider local youths first before they could employ anyone outside Kanyama constituency.

She charged that there has not been a better relationship between the corporate world and political representatives by engaging them in issues affecting the constituency.

Ms Phiri said there was need to improve the living standards of the people of Kanyama and also the education and health sectors in all the wards in the constituency.

‘‘People have sampled my leadership. I have a heart for the people,  so the people should vote for me so that I could prioritize access to clean water and continue with developments in the constituency,’’ she said.

She said that it was important for leaders to ensure that they always prioritized the well-being of people before anything else.

She said most people especially women and the youth did not have access to empowerment programmes due to lack of presentation by past leaders.

Ms Phiri said that shortage of clean and safe drinking water and poor drainage system in the area was one major contributor to the outbreak of diseases like cholera.

She said there was also urgent need to empower young people in the area so that they did not engage themselves in drug or alcohol abuse.

She said that young people should be empowered with training skills and loans to start their own businesses so that they were productive in society.

‘’If our youth and our women are empowered that is where developing the constituency will start from, because before we develop the area we must ensure that the people are developed,’’ she said.

Speaking when she addressed a rally in Kanyama constituency yesterday, Ms Phiri said the residents needed to have access to basic facilities so that they were not vulnerable to waterborne diseases.

Ms Phiri urged the PF members against engaging in violence but remain disciplined before, during and beyond the elections.