President Lungu warns UPND

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says Zambians will choose the leader they want to preside over their affairs and has warned those who were proposing violence in an event that they lose an election that the country has a formidable and professional police service that will deal with them ruthlessly.

And President Lungu has branded the opposition as a bunch of bad losers and job-seekers who were only interested in ruling the country in order to make money for themselves.

Addressing a rally in Chama yesterday, President Lungu said no political party had the power to force Zambians to vote for a candidate whom they did not want, adding that it was unfortunate that one opposition political party had resorted to violence in a desperate attempt to win elections.

He, however, warned that whoever was agitating for violence would be met with full force, adding that there was need for people to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) because the opposition had nothing to offer despite making tantrums that they would allegedly develop the country overnight as they did not understand how governments operated.

“They are saying there will be war in this country if they lose this election but I am here to tell you that there will be no violence because we have a formidable and professional police service that will deal with whoever will create problems as Zambians are free to choose the leader they want just like they have done in the past. We understand the process that takes place and that is why certain major projects take long before they are implemented.

“They do not know anything. They are just job-seekers who have no formula, strategy, or plan on how to run a country because they don’t even know where money comes from but I know. Nibamambala chabe (They are just crooks). They are tired of losing elections that is why they have resorted to violence but we have told them that we don’t want war but if they bring confusion, we have enough police officers to deal with them,” President Lungu said.

He said there was need for Zambians to vote for the PF for continued development.

“UNIP ruled this country for 27 years while the MMD was in power for 20 years and you know what they achieved. We have only been in power for a short time and you have seen what we have done. Give us enough time to develop this country.

“This area needs proper roads and we shall work on the entire road linking Chama to Lundazi, and Chama to Matumbo. We will also work on the airstrip in order to unlock the immense tourism potential this area has to offer in order to make services that are only accessible in other places availbale,” he said.

And Chama North aspiring candidate Darious Mumba called on people in the area to vote for the PF and ignore the rhetoric from the opposition because they had nothing to offer.


Mr. Mumba said there was need for people of Chama to vote for President Lungu and all other candidates standing on the PF ticket if meaningful development was to take place.