Satanism may replace Christianity in Zambia, warns Kitwe DC

ZAMBIANS risk replacing Christianity with Satanism if they vote for evil-minded opposition leaders, says patron of the Marketeers and Vendors Association Chanda Kabwe


Mr Kabwe said Zambians should not make costly experiments of voting for opposition leaders who have no regard for God because they perceived their gods to be more important.

He said in an interview in Kitwe that voting for people who believed in other gods would plunge Zambia ‘‘into the troubled waters of Satanism’’, adding that it was important to vote for President Edgar Lungu because he was God-fearing.

“I think, as Zambians, we are in safe and capable hands under President Lungu because he is humble, mature and God-fearing, unlike some opposition leaders.

“I am pleading with Zambians to be careful when voting on August 11. This is not child’s play. If they make a mistake of voting for opposition leaders, then they risk replacing Christianity with Satanism,” he said.

He said some of the opposition leaders were selfish, greedy and cruel businessmen who wanted to form government to continue advancing their personal and business interests.

Mr Kabwe, who is Kitwe district commissioner, said some opposition leaders took away Zambians’ jobs, threw them out of their homes and pushed them into poverty when they liquidated mines, banks and farming companies.

“Some of these opposition leaders liquidated Zambia’s mines, banks and farming companies. They acted with ruthless cruelty. While the people were suffering, they paid themselves tens of millions of dollars.

“So this is how cruel some of these opposition leaders are. They have no feelings for the poor. At least President Lungu has started the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund to help the vulnerable, but what about them? What they know is amassing wealth for them,” he said.

He also urged Zambians not to listen to the lies and cheap propaganda being perpetrated by some online media owned by some opposition leaders who wanted to incite Zambians.

“Some opposition leaders are panicking because they know that they are losing and so they have started propaganda that President Lungu is losing and other lies aimed at inciting Zambians.

“We know that they have hired some people to carry out an opinion poll and were told that they are losing. They were told that they will have 36 per cent against 63 per cent of the PF.’’

He said after getting that information, they had now resorted to violence so that they instill fear in the voters.

“So they are planning to start engaging in violence next week Tuesday, but we will see how things move,” he said.