Today’s letters to the editor

GBM’s campaign style

Dear Editor,

The battle of the two political titans PF and UPND looms in Zambia as the general election date draws near.

Meanwhile, rhetoric continues to flare up as presidential, parliamentary and civic candidates jostle for supremacy.

“It is bloody nonsense for President Edgar Lungu to have called for national prayers to pray for peaceful elections!”

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) seemed to have said as he forgot that his real employer was the electorate – the prayerful masses that make up the bulk of Zambian voters who attended national prayers for peaceful elections.

You don’t need to have a degree in political science to realize that GBM must show a good example and take the lead to stop campaigning based on violence, insults and maligning Edgar Lungu the main competitor to his boss, Hakainde Hichilema, but instead let him explain to the people why UPND deserves to be voted into office.

He must learn to talk to the people not lecturing to them with invectives and insults.


He must sober up to explain the various make-believe promises he’s promised to be done once voted into office, which in any case would be funded by the taxes people would pay and maybe he could reverse the current trend of public opinion against him and the UPND.

Besides, God-fearing and human touch must be allowed to flourish in his campaigns otherwise he will continue to lose touch with reality on the ground.

While the UPND campaign machine has all the money bankrolled by GBM, it lacks the key God-fearing and human touch.

This characteristic is what makes Edgar Lungu such a formidable foe in politics. You cannot buy this off the shelf, you either have it or you don’t.

Quite clearly, GBM does not have it and his campaign style continues to expose his uncouth character and makes himself to be disliked with a passion by a large number of Zambians.

If he doesn’t want to face the wrath of the people, he should look for other ways of teaching the political adversaries a lesson without messing around with each other’s lives by threats and smearing the opponents with invectives, insults and filth.

And not to be outmatched and outdone by GBM at damage control, for their shunning of national prayers for peaceful elections by UPND top honchos, the former Pentecostal televangelist and former MMD president Nevers Mumba, unwittingly charged that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was neither a Freemason nor Satanist as was being popularly claimed by many Pentecostal churches in Zambia.

He offered no immediate and convincing evidence.

Let no Zambian voter be cheated by empty assurances, promises, slander and smear this time round – remember  that your vote counts so use it wisely.


Mubanga Luchembe,



The role of the Church

in multi-party politics Dear Editor,

Allow me to express myself on the role of the Church in multi-party politics.

It is unfortunate that many political players do not know the role of clergymen in the current political dispensation.

The Church was left here on earth to be the salt and light. The Church is supposed to be giving direction to the political elite and not to take sides because it is always on the side of God – the will of God.

The Church will always fight injustice and any form of demonic infiltration in the law of the land. The Church is not an organization, it is an organism.

When the Church speaks devils tremble. The Church of Jesus Christ carries power and it is on the side of truth.

It does not side with the majority or the minority but with God. God is not a democrat but rules by Theocracy – the rule of God.

The qualifications of any leader be it in politics or church are straight forward, these may include the following: A man or woman of good name, the husband of one wife, self-controlled, serious-minded, having respect for order, opening his house freely to guests, a ready teacher.

Not quickly moved to wrath or blows, but gentle; no fighter, no lover of money.

Ruling his house well, having his children under control with all serious behaviour. For if a man has not the art of ruling his house, how will he take care of the nation.

If any man or woman fell short to these attributes, let him “go back to the land” to borrow Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s words. The Electorate must look for the above attributes in all candidates before casting their votes.

When I as a clergyman implores politicians like my dear friends HH, GBM, Miles Sampa, Guy Scott and Sylvia Masebo to embrace the fear of the LORD, I am not partisan because the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. How do you lead the people of God without wisdom?

Zambia is greater than all politicians put together. Zambia shall always remain a Christian nation because it is already established in heaven. Jesus is LORD.


Evangelist Chishala Mwaba

Kapala Village, Chief Lukwesa, Mwense District.






service Dear Editor,

The comments by Josiah Soko in the 3 August edition of your paper cannot go unchallenged because they border on dangerous regionalism which has no role in Zambia’s development agenda.

It is true that Zambians feel let down by the inability of the Police Service to control the high levels of politically motivated crimes.

However, to suggest that the position of Inspector General of Police should not go to a particular individual because of the general political dynamics of where he comes from is below the standards of Zambia’s core values and social political aspirations.

The Police Service is a major national institution which should develop on sound objective principles of professionalism rather than petty/trivial sentiments such as regional prejudices.

All Zambians with requisite professional credentials in the service should feel confident of working their way to the top without any artificial barriers of their place of origin.


Concerned Zambian

Let’s maintain peace


To my fellow Zambians, why should I kill or fight my brother and sister because I am PF, UPND or FDD etc? If you want to fight me, fight me in the polling booth. If the president you vote for wins, he will be our President as a nation. If my president wins, he will be your President and we will wish him well. We should be violent-free during this period towards the election. One Zambia, One nation. I’m a proud PF supporter because my vote is my choice and my right.

John Delende Bwalya, Mazabuka