Today’s text messages

Bring back Dr Malama  as Police IG


To the President, please bring back Dr Malama as the IG and Brenda Mutemba as his Deputy because they are both hard working and professional. Bwalya, Lusaka resident


Appeal to Mr Kambwili


I am appealing to the Government especially to Mr. Kambwili to stop the police from harassing bus drivers and taxi drivers. The police are using this system to de-campaign PF; so wake up Mr. Kambwili. Mwanisanga


Nevers Mumba must reflect deeply


I would like to advise former MMD president Nevers Mumba to reflect on what he has gone through since he abandoned God’s work. Hypocrisy has consequences and would reflect badly on him and his new-found friends. Leave President Edgar Lungu alone! E.B.S, Kitwe


God’s love is enduring


Please tell HH that only God’s love is enduring and no human can equal that. P.S, Lusaka


God will fight Lungu’s battles


President Edgar Lungu was God sent to unite Zambia. Edgar, God will fight all your battles for you. Be blessed and relax my President. Zambia loves you.

Patson Simwawa, Woodlands


Let’s give Lungu 70% plus 1 votes


I am appealing to President Lungu to listen more to the weak and ordinary members of the Zambian society in the remaining days of the campaign. It is obvious that the President is winning these elections but what is needed is a massive win like 70 plus 1 votes to avoid unnecessary election disputes and violence. To accumulate this number, no stone should be left unturned. One stone that has not been turned is the issue concerning miners. Please pay attention to the research findings on miners conducted by Copperbelt academicians. The Vice President, PF, Secretary General and Amos Chanda have the copies.



 UPND will not put food on your table


It is you who is blind because you think your UPND will bring nsima on your table and yet it will never happen. Just work hard, mudala kwamana!

Michelo Moono, Monze


Help us recover our money

from church


A named church has collected thousands of Kwacha from unsuspecting individuals in form of commitment fees for them to be given loans in ranges of K3, 000, K6, 000, K10,000 and K20, 000 when they don’t have money to give out. For K20, 000 they collected K526; K10, 000 they demanded K226, for K6, 000 they charged K126 and for K3, 000 they demanded K76 in loan commitment fees. The church has gone underground while many people countywide have been duped. We appeal to the law agents to help us recover our money.