UPND to prioritize education, says HH

THE opposition UPND says it will invest in education should they be in elected on August 11, saying investment in education was essential for the economy.

“The UPND government will invest until every child is in school, and we will ensure children coming from families that cannot afford the fees are able to meet them through the means of bursaries or other financing mechanisms,’’ said party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

‘‘It is these young Zambians that will be the business and industry leaders of tomorrow, and if we want to drive the economy forward then we must equip them with practical skills and business knowhow so they have the tools to succeed,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said education was the best weapon in the fight against growing inequality, adding that the benefits of growth have increasingly been concentrated in the hands and pockets of the few, which undermines the peace and unity of the nation.

Mr Hichilema said UPND would prioritize education and were ready to cut back expenditure elsewhere to ensure young people get the education they deserved.

“Under the PF we pay salaries for over 70 ministers, we pay for presidential delegations to fly all over the world, and the wastage at bodies such as FRA is through the roof.

‘‘A government serious about fighting corruption can save millions, which is why in a UPND government there will be no sacred cows, and we will recover those misappropriated funds to channel into our education sector,” he said.

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