UPND violence plot exposed

A PLOT in which opposition UPND is reported to be using a church to recruit people to raise money from unsuspecting members of public to  use in violence if the party lost elections  next week has been exposed in Lusaka, according to two swindled victims.

Ms Elita Mulenga and Francis Chisanga yesterday lifted the lid and told Daily Nation in an interview that it all started in March this year when the named leader of the church mobilized people to be civic educators and sensitization officers on the pretext that they would later be given soft loans.

Ms Mulenga revealed that some group leaders were then picked secretly and given K10, 000.00 each to go and campaign against the Patriotic Front (PF) across the country.

She said in Livingstone alone a recruited couple collected in excess of about K56,000.00  for the same purpose.

She said it was later discovered that the leaders were having dark corner meetings in Mumbwa with some members of UPND officials and a donor.

Ms Mulenga said 2,000 leaders attended a meeting in Mumbwa with their 10 coordinators and acquired vehicles to use in violence if the UPND party did not form government on August 11.

Mr Chisanga said justice must prevail because many people had been swindled a lot of money, stating that the sad part was that the church leaders were using the name of President Lungu for criminal acts.

And PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the party had received reports that a church mother body was receiving money and claiming it had been sent by President Lungu to work with the vulnerable in communities.

Mr Bwalya said the PF party had nothing to do with the said groups that had been going round hoodwinking people that they were working with the PF or the President.

And opposition political parties are reportedly planning to hire about 60 youths from Lusaka to Shiwang’andu to cause havoc and disrupt peace in the area.

Apparently the named church was reported to have recruited people whom it promised soft loans to collect money from unwary members of public.

Police spokesperson Ray Hamoonga confirmed arresting seven people in connection with obtaining money by false pretences, getting National Registration Cards (NRCs), voters cards and also pretending to be money lenders.

Mr Hamoonga said the seven are detained at Chelstone police station awaiting court proceedings.

The collectors of money told their victims that they had been sent by President Edgar Lungu to work with the vulnerable in communities as well as to carry out civic education on the forthcoming general elections.