Copperbelt political analyst condemns violent UPND

A POLITICAL analyst on the Copperbelt, Steven Nyendwa,  has condemned the UPND  for its alleged continuous attacks on PF members in different parts of the province during the on-going political campaigns.

Mr Nyendwa said it was sad that the UPND had continued  to embrace violence as its campaign  tool characterised by violence and harassing of PF members who  were campaigning freely.

He said it was clear that UPND was desperate to win next week’s general elections and that was why it was engaging in unnecessary violence

Mr Nyendwa said it was surprising that while there were many political parties campaigning it was only the UPND either beating journalists or PF cadres.

He said the political environment exhibited by the UPND was  outdated  because  the harassing of innocent people and the PF members was not necessary.

Mr Nyendwa said in a democratic atmosphere the opposition should not take peace for granted because without it the nation could not move in the right direction.

He said Zambia was a beacon of peace on the African continent therefore the UPND should not dent the image of the country to the outside world because of their violent acts.

“The people of Zambia are peace-loving because they are God- fearing who always believe in oneness despite belonging to different tribes,” said Mr Nyendwa.

The political analyst said the UPND had taken the law into their own hands because they have lost respect for the security wings of the country because they thought they had already won the elections.

Mr Nyendwa commended the police for doing their job in a  professional manner when handling UPND supporters who had caused confusions recently during this campaign period.

He said after all it was the voters who decided on the leader they wanted to put in office not  the way the UPND  was  using violence as a tool to lure the electorate to vote for it.