Millers should use recommended scales says, ZWMA

MILLERS should use recommended scales to avoid offloading underweight mealie meal on the market, says Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) public relations officer Diana Ngula.

Ms Ngula said it was important for millers to use approved scales to avoid offloading underweight mealie meal on the market.

She was speaking in an interview at the just ended 90th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show held under the theme “Managing environment for growth” in Lusaka.

“One of our mandates is to ensure that one type of instrument being used for trade is the type approved with certain specifications.

“That is the reason we are emphasising that immediately you import equipment, let it come to ZMWA for verification. That will reduce the confusion of using different types from different suppliers,” she said.

Ms Ngula said the agency ran certain tests to see if the equipment was able to withstand the pressure of an industry, among others.

She was responding to concerns from the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) who complained about the recent visits by the agency to some milling companies which resulted in some of them being fined for producing under-weight products.

MAZ chairperson Andrew Chintala complained that the sources of scales used to weigh the commodities differed, hence judging millers by the scales that inspectors used were unfortunate.

“ZWMA come with their own scales, suppliers use different scales; they may source them from China or somewhere else. We do not release mealie meal when it is under-weight. By the way, the mealie meal found on the floor of the milling companies were not for release to the market,” he said.

Recently, the ZWMA fined some milling companies for producing under-weight mealie meal after an inspection.