Understand the contents of the Bill of Rights – NGOCC

PEOPLE should make great efforts to understand the contents of the Bill of Rights for them to make informed decisions during voting, says Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) North Western provincial coordinator Justica Ngendwa.

Ms Ngendwa said the contents of the Bill of Rights were progressive but many people did not understand them.

She noted that it was only when people understood its contents that they were able take the position of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

“As NGOCC, we are still advocating for the contents in the Bill of Rights, they are very progressive but people need to understand them,” she said.

She also said the twinning of the referendum and the general elections was another concern for the organisation.

“Not only that, the time frame is another concern. We feel that the period is too short for people to understand the contents,” she said.

Ms Ngendwa however urged all stakeholders to vigorously sensitise the people in the remaining few days to try and make them understand what the referendum was all about.

“In as much as time is not with us, let us all put our heads together and sensitise people so that they understand the contents of the Bill of Rights,” she said.