DEC pursue Ndambo Ndambo

By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIA National Farmers Union (ZNFU) executive director Ndambo Ndambo is still being pursued by the Drug Enforcement Commission over the financial scandals that have led to the country losing Millions of dollars of support from foreign donors.

And Mr Ndambo Ndambo has allegedly effected structural changes to the ZNFU management and has replaced some of the managers he suspected to have been behind the leaked forensic audit report that exposed massive plunder of donor money at the institution.

Sources from DEC have revealed that Mr Ndambo was yet again summoned and that a warn and caution statement was recorded over the looting and plunder of more than K34 million.

DEC sources said Mr Ndambo was summoned by DEC last week and that he was cautioned over the disappearance of the more than K34 million.

There had been massive misappropriation of donor funds totaling more than K34 million in activities that bordered on fraud, tax evasion, and sheer abuse of authority of office.

A detailed 242-page forensic audit undertaken by the donors last year revealed glaring abuses of funds, perpetuated over the years by senior management complicit with presidents of the organisation.

Following the revelations of massive plunder at ZNFU, donors demanded that the plundered money should be refunded by presidents and the senior officials who were implicated in the scandal. According to a preliminary draft forensic audit report compiled by the Swedish International Development Agency obtained by the Daily Nation, the ZNFU top management compromised presidents of the organisation and boards which were supposed to provide oversight to avoid fraud, theft and abuse of funds. And Mr Ndambo has allegedly changed the management structure of ZNFU following the revelation of the plunder and has reportedly appointed a Mr Hamusimbi as his deputy while the department of accounts is said to be headed by a Mr Malambo.

Mr Ndamboa is also reported to have changed management in some regions with Eastern Province having been given to a Mr Malambo.

ZNFU is being supported by Finland, Sweden and have been providing core funding.