Lungu cautions opposition over referendum, elections


PRESIDENT Lungu has challenged opposition political parties to tell the Zambians why they would oppose the YES vote for  the referendum.

Addressing a well-attended rally in Livingstone yesterday President Lungu wondered why the opposition was mixing the referendum and the general election issues.

“I am wondering surely why the opposition are mixing up the referendum and the General election” asked President Lungu.

He explained that referendum was a process to ask the Zambians whether or not parliament could be allowed to amend the constitution to enact the Bill of Rights that gave citizens progressive rights and fundamental freedoms.

The President wondered how a citizen could therefore oppose the Bill of Rights that would also benefit the opposition leaders.

President Lungu also reminded the electorate to vote wisely in the forthcoming election on August 11.

He likened this election to a football game where coach did not disturb the formation of the team if it was winning.

He said so far the PF was scoring goals for Zambia with the many development projects across the country and continued to do.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu also cautioned the electorate to be careful not to vote in inexperienced politicians.

The President urged the electorate in Southern Province not to vote on tribal lines.

The President is tomorrow scheduled to address two political rallies in Mongu and Solwezi before he returns to Lusaka.