Nchito’s tribunal report ready

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he will be as transparent as possible in dealing with the report and recommendations of the Annel Silungwe Tribunal which investigated suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito of gross misconduct and abuse of authority of office.

President Lungu stated that he was going to be transparent in dealing with the recommendations of the tribunal because justice should always be seen to be done.

Receiving the report from Mr Justice Silungwe, who is the chairman of the tribunal, President Lungu pledged that he was going to be expeditious and diligent in considering the recommendations so that the allegations of misconduct against Mr Nchito could be put to rest.

The Head of State commended the Annel Silungwe-led tribunal for having been expeditious in investigating Mr Nchito who was suspended as DPP on allegations of misconduct.

The tribunal has completed the inquiry and submitted its report and recommendations to the Head of State.

Justice Silungwe led the tribunal whose members were former Chief Justices Mathew Ngulube and Ernest Sakala, with Mr Matthew Zulu as secretary.

“Thank you for being expeditious in dealing with the matter. I hope I will be as expeditious and diligent in considering the recommendations of your report so that the matter can be put to rest. We shall try as much as possible to be transparent in our dealings because justice demands that it has to be seen to be done,” President Lungu told the tribunal panel.

Among the allegations Mr Nchito was facing was abuse of authority of office when he entered a nolle prosequi in his own favour in the case in which he was facing nine charges of criminal offences.