Political election campaigns disappoint NGO


THE 2016 general elections campaigns have largely been characterised by personal attacks and lacked issues that affect the people, says Centre for Governance (CFG) president Patrick Muntanga.

Speaking in Kitwe, Mr Muntanga said policy issues presented a window of opportunity to the electorate to outline how Zambia was to be governed in the next five years.

He said elections in any part of the world were centred on components such as economics, health and employment among others.

He said candidates in the race had not tactfully unveiled their plans to the electorate on how they were to preside over issues facing Zambians today.

He charged that this year’s election presented a missed opportunity for the electorate because there had been little information for them to make an informed decision on poll day.

Mr Muntanga also said that the stance taken by some media houses of being biased to some political parties had made it difficult for civil rights groups to penetrate.

He said the trend had made it difficult for the civil society to take its position to present a neutral view on governance processes.

On the referendum, Mr Muntanga said it was another lost opportunity because the body responsible for handling the process did not refine the questions being asked on the exercise.

He said the text messages were not descriptive enough to create an understanding to the common man.

He said the articles in the referendum contained governance issues which were fundamental to the process of democracy and which should have been explained fully.

He said that political aspirants also failed to explain the referendum to the electorate because priority was placed on winning votes.

Mr Muntanga has since called for peace as the country goes to the polls this week.