Lusaka voters boo ‘traitor’ Scott


GUY Scott was yesterday booed and chased from the Katondo Street polling station in Lusaka where he had gone to assess the voting for UPND and was branded a traitor by the voters who had queued up to cast their votes.

Dr Scott met resistance as some voters blocked him when he tried to enter the station because, they claimed, Lusaka Central was a PF stronghold.

That forced Dr Scott to leave and drove away as the voters who stood in long queues continued to boo him.

Dr Scott, who cast his vote at Lusaka Golf Club polling station in Lusaka Central, was accompanied by wife Charlotte who is the UPND parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

‘‘I am advising you madam reporter to resign and wait for us to employ you because you report boza and bufi (lies) or get another job because we will find you one,’’ he said.

Mrs Scott also accused the Daily Nation newspaper and the public media of reporting ‘‘horrible things’’ about UPND and abusing democracy in Zambia.

Mrs Scott however said the voting process was perfect despite voting in five streams for the first time.

Dr Scott accused the Daily Nation of peddling lies against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who he claimed were headed for victory.

He said the UPND had not lost popularity contrary to some media reports and opinion poll results.

And PF Lusaka Central candidate Margaret Mwanakatwe also had no doubt of scooping the seat as she had done all the ground work. She was happy that the people were in good mood and voting peacefully.

Ms Mwanakatwe said this shortly after casting her vote at Lusaka Golf Club yesterday, accompanied by her husband Mupanga.

Later Dr Scott, who voted at the Lusaka Golf Club, was greeted with hostility when he arrived at Katondo polling station where long queues had already formed to check on the election process.

Upon seeing the former vice-president, some of the voters immediately started heckling him while others said Dr Scott was no longer a factor in Zambian politics.

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