No body voted twice or more – ECZ


PRELIMINARY investigations carried out by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on multiple voting did not find any evidence of such occurrence, Priscilla Isaac has said.

And Ms Isaac who is ECZ director has said reports that some individuals were running away with ballot papers should be dismissed because they false and unfounded.

Ms Isaac said the individual who obtained the ballot papers and attempted to run away was apprehended and has since been detained by police.

Meanwhile, Ms Isaac rubbished reports that over 2000 voters were not allowed to cast their votes in Ngwerere Basic polling station.

“It has come to the Commission’s attention that it is not true that 2000 voters were not allowed to vote at Ngwerere Basic School polling station,” she said. Ms Isaac also took time to explain that voters were not closed outside at Vera Chiluba Basic School but that only those who might have showed up after 18:00hours.

She said the presiding officer brought in everyone who was on the queue outside by 18:00hrs and locked the gate to ensure that only those that were in the queue inside and outside the gate by 18:00hrs were allowed to vote.

Ms Isaac said when they finished voting then they found a crowd of people who had come to vote after 18:00hrs.

And on chasing away of party agents from the polling Station at Kamwala Basic School, Ms Isaac said the Commission had established that no polling agents were chased out of Kamwala Basic School as it was reported yesterday.

Ms Isaac further explained that the Commission established that a fight broke out amongst cadres outside the polling station and the police dispersed the mob outside.

“It was also reported that some poll staff were disenfranchised because they did not get the Certificates of authority to vote.

“The Commission notes with regret that some officers did not know where to get the Certificate of authority to vote,” Ms Isaac said.

She said they were supposed to get them from the Constituency where they were registered to vote yet they applied for the certificates where they were posted on duty.

Ms Isaac said in other cases some officers made last minute applications which made it very difficult to get attended to.