Verbatim of what HH said at ECZ yesterday


It’s a total mess going on here.  The Electoral Commission somehow conniving with people in the political arena to delay release of results.  They start by refusing to issue polling station results certificates. 

A lot of polling stations completed voting 6 hours ago but the Electoral Commission issued instructions for those certificates not to be issued at the polling stations and wait until its night time so that PF thugs armed with guns can take over police stations and write new results certificates which are not authenticated. 

As a result as we speak now they are beating our people from polling stations, Mandevu totaling centre under the leadership of Jean Kapata, they have gone with guns people, beat all our polling agents, threw them out and they are trying to generate a new result called G12, that’s why they refused to sign G12 when the voting was done in good time.  They have now moved to Munali and we have told the people in this meeting that there’s a scheme going on, a deliberate scheme.  The police are absent when these PF thugs are attack polling stations or totaling centres.  Conveniently absent right.  And then the ECZ have conveniently not issued results certificates on time so that the results can be altered that’s what is happening that is what we came to say.

Form G12 is one form and here where they are as Electoral Commission  5km from here certainly if they realised there was no G12 they would have distributed these by 06.00 hours this morning.  They didn’t distribute.  We went out of our way and made photocopies of this form and distributed it but they refused the returning officers, the presiding officers so that they can implement this scheme to rig these elections.

Right now our people have caught a PF member going in a restricted room around here changing figures right here, under the nose of.

He’s at the police now, where is the police station?  Just down stairs you can go and take footage of this individual.  This is exactly what we have been complaining about this is the improper conduct going on in the election and what is going on in is collusion between the ECZ, the police and the PF thugs to steal this election. A lot of you journalists have said what is going on?

It’s a scheme to delay the release of the results especially presidential results because they think that the only way they can win as PF is to steal and change the figures. Zambians should say no to that.  Everyone watching here should say no to that.

But I want citizens to remain focused.  Don’t fall into the trap of being driven into violence.  But the point is that the Electoral Commission and the police with the PF thugs are precipitating what is going on in the country.  How can results in Lusaka 5Km away from here not be out when results from Ikelenge 2000 km from here are in, results from Shangombo a rural area are in, Kanyama results are not in Munali are not in 5Km from here, its because they are trying to cook the figures.



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