ECZ will deliver-UNIP

UNIP has called on Zambians to give the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) space to execute their duties diligently as they continue with the announcement of Thursday’s election results.

In an interview with Daily Nation, UNIP secretary general
Alfred Banda urged people to have confidence in the commission and to be patient, and give them space to execute their duties diligently.

Mr Banda said that there was no need to rush the electoral process because the law already stipulated the time frame in which the commission should operate and that they were aware of it.

He said that people should not bring forth unsupported claims that could plunge the country into turmoil.

Mr Banda disclosed that ECZ explained why there was a delay in the announcing of results and that people should trust the commission.

“People have expressed concern at the slow pace at which results are being announced by ECZ; they explained that they were waiting for all the polling stations to close and that the system was slow. They have assured us that they will quicken the process so people should be patient and give ECZ space to execute their duties. We trust the ECZ will be able to be on top of things,” he said.

Mr Banda warned that raising false alarms could only bring confusion and slow down the electoral process instead.

He said that people should raise issues which were evidence -ased and that they should dig deeper and bring out facts before publicising them.

Mr Banda congratulated the Zambian people for being peaceful throughout the voting
process and that his hope was for peace to continue even after the
announcement of the winner.

He said that people should maintain the peace they had shown when voting and exercise maximum restraint so as not to
endanger the peace the country was enjoying.

Mr Banda however urged ECZ to speed up the process of announcing results so that there was no discontent among the people.

“Let’s be peaceful and exercise maximum restraint so as not to endanger the peace in the country. However, we urge ECZ to quicken the announcement of
results so that all the stakeholders feel contented with the

‘‘We were peaceful during the voting period. I congratulate the Zambian people for that. So let’s maintain the peace even as we wait for the results. Let’s also not alarm the nation without proper evidence because that can cause confusion,” he said.