Ndola UPND refuse to concede defeat

UPND in Ndola district have refused to concede defeat in the general election, accusing the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of seeking to perpetuate their stay in power using malpractices.

Speaking in an interview, UPND district chairperson Joseph Phiri said the party had evidence and would challenge the outcome of parliamentary and
local government elections in the courts of law.

Mr. Phiri said out of the 28 wards the opposition party had scooped only one seat in Kaniki in Ndola Central.

‘‘We have not fared well because the ruling party used a lot of malpractices to win the seats and I can assure them that we are going to petition all the seats,’’ he said.

He said in comparison to the 2015 presidential election when UPND polled 14,000, the opposition party had gained ground by breaking the record with 33,000 votes cast in its favour.

And UPND district secretary Mubita Ikashakala said the party was demanding for the immediate release of the results by the Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Mr.Ikashakala said the pace at which the commission was releasing the results for presidential was sending worrying signals into its camp.

He said the ECZ’s decision to sit on the results would cause ‘‘a basket of chaos and suspicions’’.

‘‘The UPND is confident that we have won the general elections based on figures received by various polling agents and the ECZ has all the results; we ask that they be on their toes and tell the nation the outcome,’’ Mr. Phiri said.


3 thoughts on “Ndola UPND refuse to concede defeat

  1. If UPND in Ndola cant concede defeat let them stay that way.Zambians are in hurry to develop Zambia with Edgar C. Lungu. Utachiyandi ka kaleka. VIVA Lungu and PF.

  2. You must accept defeat Zambian is bigger than all the tribes which voted based on tribe. The voting pattern was not good at all. So this has taught us a very big lesson. It is very shameful indeed and this may have a very negative impact in the future generation of this country.
    We thank God for the peace.

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