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LET’S accord President Edgar Lungu the respect that he deserves because there can only be one President at a time, any presidential candidate who does not understand this is not fit to be Head of State, says United Progressive Party president Saviour Chishimba.

In an interview with Daily Nation, Dr Chishimba advised United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema to desist from demeaning the Head of State in public and that Mr Hichilema should seek redress from the courts of law if he was not happy with the electoral process.

He said that it was wrong for the UPND leader to be going round announcing that President Lungu had connived with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) when there were right avenues provided for seeking redress if aggrieved.

Dr Chishimba pointed out that it was disrespectful to demean the Head of State in public and that any person vying for the presidential seat should understand the level of respect attached to it.

“President Lungu is every one’s president whether you like him or not. He is my president, he is Mr Hichilema’s president and everyone in Zambia, so we should all accord him the respect that he deserves. Any person vying for that office should at least know that it’s a respectable office. If not, then they are not fit to assume that office. Let us not call him names in public, even accusing him publicly that he stole votes, if some have that evidence it is better to take it to the courts of law,” he said.

Dr Chishimba warned that false alarms against the ECZ could incite supporters to violence and that people should have confidence in the commission.

He said that ECZ had proved to the people that they were transparent and fair by allowing each party to monitor and verify all stages of the electoral process.

Dr Chishimba pointed out that the Constitutional Court was also fair in its operations because it did not rule in favour of the ruling party in the matter involving ministers’ stay in office after dissolution of Parliament.

He said that the country had one of the most transparent judicial systems in the region and that the courts had proved that they could handle matters fairly without fear or favour.

Dr Chishimba has since advised the general public to accept and work with the new President, and that presidential candidates who would not be happy with ECZ’s final outcome decision can seek redress from the Constitutional Court.

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  1. Great wisdom indeed from dr. HH must learn to contain himself in time of pressure, if he can not, how will he provide stable leadership to his followers? More over, how will he handle the pressure of ruling the nation if he fails to exercise self control after loosing an election? That’s why the court is there.please, CALM DOWN.

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