Positive Vibrations no. 21

Congratulations to all Zambians for voting in the 11th August 2016 General and Presidential elections.

I saw and heard many messages advising others to “vote wisely”; whatever that means. Bottom line, you voted, giving meaning to the collective will of the people as contained in our Constitution.

I also noticed our people in the Diaspora show commendable levels of patriotism by either travelling to come and vote for their preferred candidate, while others had to deal with what the controversial social media data. Truth and Lies. Very unfortunate!

A lie can destroy just like a truth may build. What would you like to be associated with? My take is that it is not possible for any politician or indeed citizen to pretend to be patriotic while advocating or abating anarchy. This is particularly so in the case of former Ministers, who took oath to essentially remain loyal patriots.

I wonder whether there are enough sanctions for enforcement of an oath and I also wonder what measures are in place to ensure that those that violate the oath, knowingly or unknowingly, are brought to book. Implicit in any such oath, is to uphold the integrity of Zambia.

Let me now also turn and commend the winners for the exploits that come with victory. Well done. Duty: To move Zambia to greater heights. The last five years have laid a strong foundation for a continued onslaught against social exclusion, in favor of inclusion.

To those who were unsuccessful, this definitely, is not the end of the World. Zambia, as a country, will be in existence and the next election is scheduled for 2021 – not very far. As a good participant, learn from the mistakes, if any of the last election. Gather yourself up and move on. Duty:

Accept the Zambian verdict and do all in your means to remain a loyal citizen with an enlarged civic appetite for greater participation.

By way of example, if you voted “NO” or had nothing to do with the referendum, you made a terrible mistake of judgment which hopefully, time can cure. So, do not beat yourself up. I have said before that emotions are stronger than reason.

To those who went to the Radio and Television stations to basically incite others, based on both falsehoods and any such hate messages, I say to you that democracy is not perfect, but a very good system, which accommodates all.

You have a constitutional duty not to undermine society. If you must be attracted to go to Radio or TV, do so and let TRUTH be your guiding campus. Lies, innuendos, exaggerations, deception etc, will not add any value but take away from you.

I would like to request you to act towards one another with reason. Be good. Be gentle. Be Kind. Love one another as you would like to be loved. Forgive and forget. Do not be a prisoner of hate and allow yourself to navigate a positive life towards prosperity under the banner of One Zambia, One Nation.

Now, here we go. As the campaigns of the 2016 elections intensified, it became clear to me that many of us sing our nation anthem, without due appreciation and understanding of its deep meaning. It also became abundantly clear to me that many still do not really understand what the motto “One Zambia, One Nation” means. Let me take this opportunity to open a discussion and welcome all, including our diplomats. Anthropologists, sociologists, historians political scientists and others, are well positioned to share on this very important matter.

For purposes of this piece, please note that One Zambia, One Nation, refers to the country called Zambia (which is the only land mass called Zambia o earth.  Zambia, being just a name.)   Then, One Zambia, One Nation, which refers to the many Nations which have all been collapsed into one – the Zambia, we cherish. What does this mean? For instance, we have the Ngoni, Lozi, Bemba, Tumbuka, Lenje, Kaonde, Lunda, Tonga, Illa etc nations.  How have these nations become one? Answer: Cross pollination of cultures.

This is done through practices, songs, dance, language, ceremonies etc.  These days, there are plenty Zambians who will  bear a name but are not able to either speak or associate with anything of any entity, other than basics in language.

The decision by super Ken (KK) and his colleagues to promote inter-marriages then, is now yielding results and my take is that in the next 20 years or so, those who are unfortunate and wasting time practicing sectarian preferences and who in essence are fundamentalists, will have very little space if at all, to maneuver.

Reason: Reality puts them at a great disadvantage. As time goes, the fewer they become and modernity, which responds to imperatives such as time and space will unleash its trappings.

Caution: Some fundamentalists will quickly argue that they are not guilty of mischief because of a specific pattern of purpose, which has a well defined agenda and can be shown! Listen, I told a person in Europe a few years ago that you do not need to spit in one’s face in order to qualify as a racist! The bible puts it nicely: You shall know them by their fruits! Lairs will lie to you, good people will generate warmth towards you.

Elections and voting took place last week. Sad patterns have re-occurred and in some instances retraced; arising out of campaign messages, some violent and some subtle but all potentially pushing a message which seeks to undo the important motto of One Zambia, One Nation.

I do not agree and I need to go on record that no one human being is superior over the other. It is just unreasonable to entertain a superiority complex and that largely explains my traceable engagement in the anti-apartheid and human rights movement.

If as Ngande I campaign that my relatives should support me and not anybody else, then I am a clear danger to national peace and certainly an advocate of civil war.

I condemn the so called Nega Nega formular and cautiously condemn the Counter Nega Nega formula. Both are a serious danger to National Unity, and will be on the menu for posterity to judge harshly.

I have spent most of my working life condemning and working against prejudice and I am not about to put up with it at this point in time. What is the way forward? We need to embrace and genuinely love each other and do what we must do to accept that artificial divisions can never ever defeat nature. First and foremost we are all human beings created in the image of God and other distinctions are a detail only meant to ensure the survival of the human race.

It follows therefore that since you now have newly and properly constructed post independence Zambian families, the family being the smallest unit of society; must necessarily take charge of progress. Any argument? Let’s discuss!

Do not forget our past.  Basically people leave their homes or villages to pursue life elsewhere. In that elsewhere, dynamics are different. I have said before, if you go in deep the Lunda Kingdom and begin speaking Tonga, you risk being seriously misunderstood. I once met a man who lives and is married in my home area in Sinazongwe district. The man speaks the local language very fluently which is the case with many others who have settled elsewhere. The matrix of existence then gets real and complicated. Only a selfish person will prosecute an agenda that refuses to accept realities of life.

An example is when political parties contest elections. The focus is working hard with a promise that victory will result in serving people better. Logically therefore, it follows that threats of violence and disruption of society are not an option, unless the political campaign is a disguise for a hostile agenda that stands diametrically opposed to the National.

Please note, for many years now, talk of neo-imperialism has almost died off giving way to imperatives of the global village. The double standards which are slowly but effectively undermining the human rights movement will actually be threatened by unfairness in the name of democracy.

The human rights movement is totally undermined, when ever double standards are exhibited. The human rights movement is undermined when the most “powerful nations”, seek to impose their value system upon others, who may resist such disrespect. Remember, perceptions can sometimes be mistaken as reality!

For purposes of emphasis therefore, democracy and the respect for human rights, only thrive when the rule of law is fully respected. It must also be emphasized that the law is neutral and ‘blind’.

It is for this reason in part that I and many others oppose maneuvers and activities that undermine the independence of institutions as we have seen lately. You can challenge any decision but, nobody is above the law!

I have enjoyed interfacing with you through this column and look forward to a renewed and robust engagement through your calls, messages and emails away from the vice of schadenfreude (joy in the suffering of others).  See you next week.


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  1. Congratulations Your Excellence Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. May the Good Lord guide and protect you and the people of Zambia.You are indeed God-appointed!

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