Continue calling for peace, Lungu urged

ZAMBIANS voted for peace and unity by re-electing President Edgar Lungu and the Head of State should therefore continue preaching messages of love, reconciliation and hope, Chief Chiengele of the Mbunda people in Western Province has said.

Chief Chiengele said it was a great relief for the people of Zambia to have voted for President Lungu who had exhibited exceptional leadership qualities by embracing all Zambians.

He said some political leaders wanted State power for their own financial and selfish reason and not to serve the people and it was through God’s grace that President Lungu had been re-elected.

Chief Chiengele said President Lungu had unfinished business with the Zambian people, which should be completed in his next five year mandate. “We are just happy for the re-election of President Lungu because it is beneficial for some of us and the nation at large. God has just done justice to the Zambian people,” he said.

The Chief explained that those who did not want the PF government should now come to understand that the people of Zambia wanted a humble leader who could bring peace and harmony among citizens.

“The people of Zambia want peace and nothing else. Each time they listed to the President, it is the messages of love, peace and unity and we are seeing hope and joy with the leadership of the Head of State. I am now living in peace because I know that the President for all is back and his assurance to protect all the citizens has always been his priority and we will continue to support him,” the traditional leader said. Chief Chiengele however called for peace and advised other political parties to discipline their members who were rioting and attempting to cause confusion in the country.

“President Lungu is a listening Head of State and he is capable of leading the Zambian populace and the onus remains to the Zambian people to support him,” he said.